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Consortium partners

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  1. Technical University of Denmark, National Institute of Aquatic Resources, DTU-Aqua, Denmark (Coordinating institute) (Former DIFRES)
  2. Centre for Environment, Fisheries and Aquaculture Science, CEFAS, UK
  3. Wageningen IMARES, IMARES, Netherlands (Former RIVO)
  4. Institut Français de Recherche pour l’Exploitation de la Mer, IFREMER, France
  5. Fisheries Research Services, FRS, UK
  6. Finnish Game and Fisheries Research Institute, FGFRI, Finland
  7. The Institute for Agricultural and Fisheries Research, ILVO, Belgium (Former CLO-DvZ)
  8. None
  9. National Research Institute for Agriculture and Fisheries, IPIMAR, Portugal
  10. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Cretan Branch), HCMR (Crete), Greece (Former IMBC)
  11. Hellenic Centre for Marine Research (Athens Branch), HCMR (Athen), Greece (Former NCMR)
  12. Marine Institute, Ireland
  13. Institute of Marine Research, Norway
  14. Institute of Marine Research, National Board of Fisheries, Sweden
  15. Institute of Freshwater Research, National Board of Fisheries, Sweden
  16. Sea Fisheries Institute, SFI, Poland
  17. Instituto Tecnologico Pesquero y Alimentario, AZTI, Spain
  18. Aalborg University, AAU, Denmark (Former IFM)
  19. CEMARE, University of Portsmouth, United Kingdom
  20. Agricultural Economics Research Institute, LEI, Netherlands
  21. University of Copenhagen, UCPH, Denmark (Former KVL and former FOI)
  22. Institute for Research in Economics and Business Administration, Norway
  23. Istituto Ricerche Economiche Pesa e Aquacoltura, IREPA, Italy
  24. Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine, UK
  25. Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Cientificas, CSIC, Spain
  26. Universitat de Barcelona, Spain
  27. Universidad de País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Spain
  28. Universidad Pablo de Olavide, UPO, Spain
  29. University of Helsinki, Finland
  30. University of Newcastle, UK
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