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WP2: Review of knowledge base for fisheries management systems


Lorenzo Motos (AZTI), lmotos@pas.azti.es

Reporting: Lorenzo Motos and Martin Aranda (AZTI), Ole Vestergaard, J. Rasmus Nielsen (DIFRES), Doug Wilson (IFM)


Work package 2 has reviewed the available knowledge base for fisheries systems, and compiled and described it for use by WP 3-5, review existing frameworks for evaluation of the performance of fisheries management systems, as well as explored and described how the present fisheries management systems perform and how the management decision making processes are using knowledge to inform decisions. The evaluation tool to be developed is a mechanism to synthesize complex knowledge, to communicate this synthesis, and to use it as the information base for management decisions. The project therefore includes a review of the knowledge to be synthesized and communicated, and a description of how knowledge can be communicated and used to inform decision making processes. Work package categorizes fisheries management systems and describes the adequacy of the present management systems and present management decision processes in terms of their use of knowledge. This has lead to identification of the context in which fisheries/stocks evaluation tools for production of advice to management bodies are to be used, which problems they are to assist in solving, as well as of the knowledge which the tools are to communicate. The information is integrated in WP 3-5.

The review cover the following topics:

1. Knowledge in natural resources management institutions

* Worldwide management systems of relevance to European fisheries

  • International Resource allocation for shared stocks
  • Operational management procedures
  • Rigth based regimes
  • Co-management regimes
  • Financial Instruments (taxes, subsidies)
  • Command and control quota based regimes
  • Command and control effort based regimes (capacity and activity)
  • The requirements of an ecosystem approach to fisheries management

2. The European management system

* The institutional setup and production and use of knowledge

  • Issues of concern
  • Participation
  • Ecological side effects
  • Fisheries based advice
  • Deliverying complex scientific advice to multiple stakeholders
  • Compliance (commit)

3. Review of evaluation frameworks of fisheries management systems

See publications and reports below.

4. Summary and conclusions

See publications and reports below.

Documents and Publications :


The review is published in a book produced under EFIMAS titled : “The Knowledge Base for Fisheries Management”, Editors: Lorenzo Motos (AZTI) and Doug Wilson (IFM), Developments in Aquaculture and Fisheries Science, Volume 36 (454 pp), ELSEVIER, Aug 2006.

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EFIMAS WP2 Book List of Contents and Authors

EFIMAS List of Dissemination, Products and Activities (WP 2):
EFIMAS WP2 Technical Reporting:

EFIMAS WP2 key outcome is the book the “Knowledge base for fisheries management” published by Elsevier and edited by WP2 coordinator Lorenzo Motos (AZTI Tecnalia) and Douglas Wilson (IFM). The book presents the outcomes of deliverables 2.1 and 2.2. The book was publsihed in 2006 and offers and updated and multidisciplinary perspective of the knowledge requiered to support effective managment decisions.

The Annex Report to deliverable 2.1 and 2.2 reviews models, data, and software used in contrasting Fisheries Management Systems

WARNING: The Contributions to the book “The knowledge base for fisheries management” are under a copyright agreement with ELSEVIER. They are made available in the access-limited EFIMAS WIKI for internal use only in the EFIMAS project for EFIMAS partners only in order to draw upon and refer to the material contained in the Contributions in preparing material and deliverables under other work packages of the project. The Technical Reports and the Book must not be submitted further and to anyone or any institute not being a partner of the project.

Meeting Documents and Other Case Specific Work - working documents, models, analyses etc.

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