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Package maintenance/Dependency on R versions

In order to be compatible with the current R version, an important maintenance task is necessary. Major R releases take place twice a year (1st of May and 1st of November); they are systematically followed by major FLR releases in the extent necessary. Before the releases, all packages are maintained to keep them working with the newest versions of R/FLCore. The name of each package maintainers, the package version and other package-related information are accessible through the function packageDescription().

Versions 5D and 6D

The current R versions available is 2.7-1. However FLR under EFIMAS was originally developed under the 2.4-0 release, which happened in October 2006. Due to major changes in version 2.4-0 the original FLR FLCore 1.3-x had to be revised. In a common agreement with the R-team, it had been decided that they would fix what broke the code in FLCore so the FLR team would not have to change all packages to be compatible with the R 2.4-0. This is the reason why most of the programs developed lately are still running in R 2.3-1 and FLR 1.3-x.

The new R 2.4-1 was released in the middle of December 2007 and led to the release of FLR 1.4-x in January 2008. FLR 1.4 is still running with five dimensions.

A six dimensional version has been developed in parallel, on different branches of the CVS with a second repository, for six dimensions beta versions, has been set at


The two branches of FLR have been run in parallel until every package is transferred into and user migrate to six dimensions.

The use of FLR version 2 contains many elements for stochastic simulation allowing uncertainties and risk assessment to be better incorporated into case stidies; the sixth dimension allowing storing results of each single iteration.

Release process

At every moment the last “under development” version of a package can be found on CVS. The official releases follow a precise FLR release cycle:

  • Submit FLCore to R CRAN
  • Upload FLcore to the FLR repository
  • Upload FLcore on sourceforge.net
  • Upload the stable packages on FLR-repository and sourceforge.net


FLR Tutorials have been written for the main packages. As for the rest of the FLR documentation (help pages, package description pages), the tutorials are kept up-to-date by the maintainers. They should all run with the latest packages available on the FLR repository.

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