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3.7 Courses under EFIMAS WP3

See also * EFIMAS List of Dissemination, Productions and Acitivities, Month 48, Final

A number of FLR teaching courses have been held throughout the project, and in collaboration with other projects involved in FLR development. Programs and courses outlines are available on FLR website Courses. Those specifically or partly related to EFIMAS were :

  • 25-26 april 2005, Salerno, Italy: 2-days FLR introductory workshop (audience: EFIMAS participants).
  • 23-25 November 2005, IJMuiden, the Netherlands: 3-days Introductory course on evaluation of management strategies using FLR (audience: EFIMAS case studies participants).
  • 17-18 January 2006, Helsinki, Finland: 2-days FLR course (audience: Finnish assessment scientists).
  • 24-25 January 2006, Sukarrieta, Spain: 2-days FLR course (audience: Spanish assessment scientists).
  • 01 February 2006, ICES, Denmark: 1-day Demonstration of FLR to the ICES AMAWGC (audience: ICES Working Groups Chairs).
  • 15 February 2006, IJMuiden, the Netherlands: 1-day course on evaluation of management strategies using FLR (audience: Dutch assessment scientists).
  • 10-11 November 2006, Charlottenlund, Denmark: 2-days FLR course (audience: Danish-German assessment scientists).
  • 11-15 December 2006, Ottawa, Canada: 5-days FLR Course (audience: Canadian assessment scientists).
  • 29 Jan - 02 Feb 2007, ICES, Denmark : 5-days WKFLR (audience: ICES assessment scientists).
  • 29 Jan - 02 Feb 2007, Vigo, Spain: 5-days FLR course (audience: Spanish-Portuguese assessment scientists).
  • 28th Jan 2008: Introductory course FLR/MSE for Masters - Agrocampus Rennes, FR
  • 31 March 2008 - 03 April 2008: Introductory course FLR - JRC Ispra, FR

The FLR courses were organised to disseminate the knowledge on FLR framework and its use to a broader audience of scientists within national institutes. Most courses followed a more or less standard outline, focusing not only on the basic use of FLR for usual assessment work (FLCore, FLEDA, FLXSA, FLSTF etc), but also on the introduction of the concept of Management Strategies Evaluation (Operating Models vs. Management Procedures etc). As such, these many courses have participated directly in disseminating the EFIMAS knowledge and experience outside the network of project participants.

EFIMAS has been involved in all these courses, however, only few of these courses were thus organised for the sole purpose of EFIMAS, and restricted to the project participants. Consequently, all courses were held and taught by scientists actively involved in EFIMAS WP3.

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