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3.9 Reference list of publications and articles made in relation to EFIMAS WP3

See also * EFIMAS List of Dissemination, Productions and Acitivities, Month 48, Final

In practice, there has been a very close link between the development of the management evaluation framework (WP3) and the application in case studies (WP4) as described above. Consequently, many publications of the Fisheries Management Evaluation Framework has a case specific background.

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ICES, 2007(b). Results of the evaluation of North Sea haddock management plan in relation to various management measures using modelling in F/RLR is presented in ICES WGNSSK Report (2006), section 16: ICES WGNSSK 2006, section 16 and Working Document 18. ICES C.M. 2007/ACFM:35

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  • Evaluation of NSRAC advice for North Sea flatfish management plan, January 2006
  • Evaluation of EC proposal for North Sea flatfish management plan, presented to STECF SGECA-SGRST-06-05, September 2006
  • Evaluation of North Sea haddock management plan and North Sea cod recovery plan, ICES WGNSSK 2006, section 16 (see also below).
  • Evaluation of management strategies for the mixed North Sea roundfish fisheries with the FLR framework Presentation to AFH (French Association of Fisheries Science) Conference, 19-21 June 2007, La Rochelle, France
  • Final_Report SGRST-08-02_Harvest_Control_Rules (Helsinki, July 2008). STECF SGRST-08-02. Final HCR Report including the STECF opinion expressed during the plenary meeting in Helsinki.
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