CS6 meetings under RAC scope

Brief view of the presentation of the MSE at RACs

During the last quarter of the 2007, a chance to presented to the RAC the tool developed by EFIMAS for the evaluation of management strategies (MSE) concerning, in this case, the northern hake fishery arised.

A presentation was prepared at that time in 3 language versions, French, English and Spanish, respectively. This could be freely disseminated to the RAC members with no restrictions.

The presentation explains the fundamentals of the tools and the way it is to be used for MSE. Furthermore, it gives information in the utilisation of the tool to answer the terms of reference (ToRs) put by the Commission concerning the basis of a long term management plan to be designed to substitute the current recovery plan still in force for this species. The example showed the use of biological indicators, concerning target mortality and spawning biomass levels. The work for using additional economic and social indicators in underway and a new meeting has been called by the STECF to analyse different scenarios, to be held next December.

The presentations were followed up with a lot of attention by the attendants to the Working Group (VIII in SWWRAC and 2 in NWWRAC). Several questions were made, both formally after the presentation and informally out of the time slot devoted to it. Consequently, it was considered that there was a clear interest from the components of the RACs to try to use the tool for analysing the scenarios of their choice.

The CS6 Approach 1 team from EFIMAS proposal was to try to answer to alternative terms of reference (ToRs),in this way the fisheries industry concerned in the Hake fishery could figure out as worth to analyse and consider in discussion diferen alternatives before a decision on the contents of the future long term management plan for this fishery could be set out. This work would be done in a dedicated workshop to be held somewhere in January-February 2008.

As said before, apart form the ToRs already worked out in the STECF, alternative ToRs could be figured out by the RACs taking into account the way they would like the fishery to be managed. As an example, a situation of “Status quo effort“, which is not included in the STECF ToRs, could be worked out during the January-February workshop.

Presentation of the CS6 Approach 1 to the SWW & NWW RAC

To make more “user friendly” the presentation of the MSE work , AZTI developed a Visual tool in which the different scenarios already simulated in the STECF Long Term Management Plan of Hake carried out in June 2007 could be easily extracted and selected.

For that work, a visual interface in which all possible combinations of F targets using different strategies and selction patterns could be easily chosen and visualised. Also the posibility of comparing different scenarios was rpoduced. An example of the welcome screen and, on the left column, the menu showing the all possible combinations is presented below.

Documents, presentations and other working material related to all the above

Link to the CS6 for details on the development on OM and MSE for the Northern Hake and fisheries associated

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